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How It Works

Step 1

Contact Us

Using a Touch Phone
Step 2

Define Service(s)

  • Single or Multiple Repairs

  • Stringing Options

  • Grip and/or Grommet

  • Racquet Frame Precision Weight & Balancing

  • Expedited Repair Service

NOTE: Racquet repairs will NOT be started until the completed Repair Form is received via email or printed copy packaged with the racquet.

Step 3

Ship Racquet

  • Complete the "Contact" Form and shipping instructions will be emailed.

  • Using USPS Priority Shipping should cost about $10.25.  (same $ for 2)

  • Don't worry about padding... it's already broken!

  • Save on Shipping by grabbing your friends' broken racquets.

shipping pictures.jpg


How much weight does a repair add and can I feel it?  Each repair typically adds +/- 2 grams weight. (a penny weighs 3.11 grams)  Most clients say that they can't feel any difference. However, if you are still concerned, make repairs to both sides and the racquet will remain perfectly balanced.

*Repairs on average take 17 BUSINESS days to complete after we receive your racquet.  If the break is on the corner of the racquet, the other corner is most likely not too far behind!  For an additional $23, we will make the same repair to both sides.

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